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We are an association oriented in building and maintenance of particular cycling routes dedicated for mountain biking - so called MTB trails. Our member base consists of enthusiastic mountainbikers who are keen to do their part developing the mountain biking in the area. Our drive is to create logically interconnected, easy to access and legal MTB trails using the most environmentally friendly approach. The trails are situated in places that meet these conditions, approved by local authorities. Primary goal is to build the trails to be as safe as possible with respect to other users of city forests and to eliminate problematic sections where interests of different parties may collide. Last but not least we are taking an effort in organizing related social and environmental activities that help us build a wide community of like minded people.

Devoted to these visions we have been working together since 2013 and as a result we now have a generally known project named TrailBK. The project incorporates the unique network of MTB trails over the city district of Bratislava - Rača, that meets current requirements for mountain biking and welcomes visitors from a wide area.

More information about the current events and planned public trailbuilding sessions can be found on Facebooku

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