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Enduro Race 2019 

A proper challenge


Given the fact that this event was effectively a test run for all of us, and considering that we are enthusiastic trailbuilders who are inclined towards working with soil and riding the trails, but with zero experience organizing races, this was a huge challenge for us. You could write academic thesis about all the planning, dealing with the authorities, and ensuring things run smoothly.

All members of ozTBK, but also every single volunteer, have donated their love and free time, and instead of racing on their home soil, they made sure all the attending racers could enjoy the event to the fullest. All this was done with no financial compensation. Right after closing the last stage of the race and announcing the winners, we can say in all modesty that this round of TBK Enduro Race has been a success (with a few small issues) and the positive responses made all the participants happy.


It work like a charm


Among both the organisers and the participants, a great and a very friendly atmosphere was even improved by perfect weather, which beat even the most optimistic forecasts. Perhaps those racers who ended up in the dust would not agree with that, but unless you need serious medical attention, you at least have some stories to tell over a beer or two. Thankfully, the number of serious falls was low.

 On six measured sections in the total lenght of 7.7km, and 18km of transfers, a wide range of riders across multiple categories have faced each other from serious to lessserious racers on longtravel bikes, who made up the most of the field; to XCoriented racers, and even E-bikers who’ve had their own category, and despite the usual prejudice, were accepted with love and understanding. We need to especially highlight the women category, because they not only looked better than men, but they even put many of us to shame on the trail. There were 149 registered and paying racers, which was actually the limit given by our timemeasuring technology. On the start, 129 brave souls showed up, with 10 women among them.

Thank you all! 

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